by Richard Keyt, Arizona real estate attorney

KEYTLaw, LLC, an Arizona law firm whose attorneys practice Arizona residential real estate law, offers the following fixed fee comprehensive residential purchase and sale contract preparation services for sellers and buyers:

  • Contract preparation service: For $847 Arizona real estate attorney and Richard Keyt will prepare all of the following custom drafted documents:
    • Residential Purchase/Sale Agreement – drafted to favor our client as buyer or seller
    • Escrow Instructions
    • Special Warranty Deed to convey the property
    • Affidavit of Legal Value
    • Foreign Investment in Real Property Act Affidavit
  • Commitment for Title Insurance and Owner’s Title Insurance: No charge for arranging for these items in the escrow. Our contract provides that the escrow agent will arrange for the buyer to obtain: (i) a commitment for title insurance shortly after opening escrow, and (ii) title insurance on the home at close of escrow. No buyer of an Arizona home should ever buy the property without getting title insurance that insures the buyer’s interest in the property for the amount of the purchase price. The cost of owner’s title insurance is usually paid by the seller, but the seller may negotiate for the buyer to pay the cost of the owner’s title insurance. For more information about title insurance, see Title Insurance Articles.
  • Special two business day expedited preparation of the documents service: $249. Normal preparation time is one week depending on how busy we are at the time we receive your order.
  • Title insurance commitment review for buyers only: $375 to review the commitment for title insurance (including title exceptions such as Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions), preparation of a letter to the buyer explaining the document and preparation of a letter to the seller objecting to any title problems (if necessary and requested by the buyer).

For more information about the documents listed above that are commonly used in Arizona residential purchase and sale transactions, see my article called “Documents Commonly Used in the Sale of Arizona Homes.”

How to Hire Arizona Attorney Richard Keyt to Prepare Your Home Purchase or Sale Contract

To hire Richard Keyt, Phoenix & Scottsdale area real estate lawyer, to prepare a FSBO contract and related documents for the purchase or sale, you must complete and each of the following online forms: