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Arizona home prices not returning to peak until 2038

According to CNNMoney, the Fiserv group estimates that the U.S. may be caught up to peak home price levels by 2023, but for Arizona it will be much longer. Arizona, California and Nevada are specifically mentioned as the last states to recover. Arizona is estimated to have a 2.7 percent price growth rate over the next five years, putting its recovery to peak prices at about 2038.  Read more...

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Homes Are Getting Bigger

Homes are getting bigger. Does that mean the housing market is getting stronger? Newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows homes are growing in size. In fact we may see a high water mark in 2012. According to this article, homes are typically built smaller in times of economic downturn and larger during times of prosperity.

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Arizona awards $20 milion in affordable housing tax credits

The Arizona Housing Department awarded $20 million in tax credits to 18 projects last week and has worked  out deals for the projects to be completed in almost half the time. These credits are expected to save each developer approximately $1 million on new Arizona projects and encourage additional housing development over the next decade.  Read more...

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