The senate research staff of the Arizona legislature prepared an issue statement explaining Arizona’s homestead exemption. The exemption contained in Arizona Revised Statutes Section 33-1101.A which provides that:

Any person the age of eighteen or over, married or single, who resides within the state may hold as a homestead exempt from attachment, execution and forced sale, not exceeding one hundred fifty thousand dollars in value, any one of the following:

1. The person’s interest in real property in one compact body upon which exists a dwelling house in which the person resides.

2. The person’s interest in one condominium or cooperative in which the person resides.

3. A mobile home in which the person resides.

4. A mobile home in which the person resides plus the land upon which that mobile home is located.

People frequently ask me “what do I have to do to get the Arizona homestead exemption?”  Here’s the answer found in Section 33-1102:

A person who is entitled to a homestead exemption as prescribed by section 33-1101 holds that exemption by operation of law and no written claim or recording is required.

The law is contained in the following Sections of the Arizona Revised Statues:

33-1101. Homestead exemptions; persons entitled to hold homesteads

33-1102. Exemption by operation of law; designation of multiple properties on creditor’s request; recording

33-1103. Effective date of homestead exemption; extent of exemption; exceptions

33-1104. Abandonment of homestead; encumbrance of homestead

33-1105. Sale by judgment creditor of property subject to homestead exemption